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Customer Relations

Malin Sundberg

Head of Customer Relations +46 703 330 934
Fredrik Eriksson

Head of International Sales +46 722 436 014
Henrik Kården

Product Support Specialist
Julia Östman

Marketing Associate +46 702 854 277
Emelie Sandgren

Management Trainee
Julia Salvall

Service Assistant +46 722 436 014


Jacob Lagergren

Head of Product +46 735 011 299


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Telephone:  +46 8 649 55 50

Visiting adress:
Vasagatan 28, 111 20 Stockholm 556580-0835

Why Our TMS is Your New Best Friend

The tools and data you need – all in one place


We know how complicated the finance and treasury world can be. Not to mention trying to navigate it through manual processes that depend entirely on one or two key people within the organization. No wonder more and more financial professionals worry about their financial data quality. We know precisely how difficult it can be. That’s why we’ve developed a user-friendly treasury management system purposefully designed to make real estate companies’ and their financial departments’ lives a whole lot easier. By bringing technological advancement into the mix, we can simplify tasks and ensure your data quality so that your decision-making is as accurate and easy as possible. Our services gather all the data and information you need from the market, your loans, cash flow, and all the financial tools you need in one place, resulting in you being able to:

  • Get accurate and well-backed analyses relevant to your company.
  • With the latest data on the market, you can create uniform and reliable reports for all your real estate company’s relevant functions.
  • Eliminate key-person dependency and improve smooth collaboration with digitalized and standardized processes that also help with commodity risk management
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